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We ♥ Textures!

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We Love Textures
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Welcome to Textures_r_us! This a community for posting your texture resources.

Things this community is:
-a place to post your texture resources, whatever size.

Things this community is NOT:
-a place to promote your community/journal
-a request/"where can I find such and such?" community

Other rules that should be ridiculously obvious but it's good to have here anyway:
-DO NOT STEAL. If the maker says it's okay to not credit, fine. But if they do, you must.
-Don't be an asshat.
-Don't hotlink. This is just a general no-no.
-This is not a community to post tutorials (unless it's texture-making/useage related)! Please don't cross-post them here. There are so many other communities for that (icon_tutorial).

-Only post textures. Unless an icon as an example for how to use it. Patterns and stock photos are welcome too, though it depends on the stock photo. As long as it can be used as a texture like say clouds or whatever, and not somebody's face (believe it or not, that does happen).

-It's alright to post textures that are only avaliable in a members or friends only community, as long as you state that you'd need to join to see them.

-Don't upload the textures to yousendit (well, you can, but it's a bad idea to). It only lasts a week, so later on other people won't be able to access it. Try deviantART for a place to upload your textures for free, and the links DON'T expire either.
Preview images should be no more than 400 pixels wide. You can make them long and skinny if you want instead.
Please put in a subject line describing the set(s).
Don't post a billion times in one day. Put them all in the same post.
When in doubt, LJ CUT!


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neondistrict texture_finder wonderland__
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